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Rebate Program


Who should be in the Rebate Program?
Systems Integrator, Solutions Provider, dealers and resellers are welcome to join the Group.


  • Community Engagement

  • Best Business Practices

  • Improved Vendor Communications

  • Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Business Succession Opportunities.

What are the Rebate Program?

The Partner Rebate Program is NOT acting as a Distributor or Reseller. We focus on collaborating with Manufacturing Partners and their Distributors to co-market and extend visibility and benefits to the Technology & Security Integration network in Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

The extent of the program is to provide enhanced incentive program in addition to Manufacturing Partners and Providers existing rebate benefits. We aim to provide through this Group with a creative and dependable method for the mutual benefits of our Partner members and Integrators.

What do the Manufacturers, Vendors & Service Providers get out of the Group?
Preferred Manufacturers, Vendors and Service Providers get access and network with integrators and dealers with these groups, USAV Group, PSA Security, ConsortioTec and TSI APAC Hub who are pleased to collaborate, purchase and specify with prioritized consideration of the preferred partners' products and services.

What is TSI APAC-MEA Hub's objective?
Our purpose is to help our Technology & Security Integrator network members acquire products more efficiently and sell more. We act as a catalyst to greater business engagement. 

We are open to collaborate with Manufacturing Partners, Vendors & Service Providers working on their existing programs with the key goal to enhance benefits for the partnership and deepen industry engagement.

Specialty Offerings

Specialty offerings are highly differentiated offerings, and the brands under which they are marketed are very different across manufacturing partners and service providers. 

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By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: TSI APAC-MEA Hub powered by USAV a division of PSA Security Network. 1097 IMM Post office, Singapore 916012

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