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This platform is the online portal focusing on bringing the End-User community from different verticals across Asia Pacific to enable them to share, learn and network with their peers.

End-Users community from the Higher-Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Tourism, Houses of Worships, Large Venues, Musuems, Banking, Finance, Broadcast, Retail, Transportation, Corporate and Government Enterprises are welcome to join and take advantage of the services and activities specially tailored for them.

End-Users will need to register so as to be able to enjoy the full benefits of the portal's program and activities. The intention is to protect the integrity of the community. Registered End-Users will be given password to access this Hub.

AVNET User Hub provides a place for like-minded Technology Managers and to share valuable insights, have engaging discussions and establish key connections. Our categories cover a wide variety of cutting-edge topics, keeping the pulse on technology trends, update and challenges.. Start exploring and sign-up now to join our community.

We’ve created this section to keep you updated about Seminar and Workshop information and the latest schedule relevant to your environment. Check back often for our upcoming sessions.

We feature this section on industry certifications and standards in AV, IT and Security.

We offer a personalized learning experience designed to accommodate viewers of all levels; from beginners to seasoned experts. We empower our community to learn at their own pace whenever it’s convenient, and from the comfort of wherever they are in the world. Broaden your horizon and explore. Watch here for update.

Our mission at AVNET User Hub is to provide quality courses and a friendly learning environment. We focus on empowering people by providing the necessary tools and knowledge to help reach their goals. With our uniquely practical and straightforward approach, User members can begin applying their new skills after just one course session.

This section is a portfolio of experimental passion projects to commissioned work for a variety of projects in this dynamic industry. Learn ideas, know-how, creativity and challenges from many of case studies featured. Watch for update

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